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SIGGRAPH 2009 Papers: Motion Editing

August 30th, 2009

A friend sent me this video to point out something he saw at SIGGRAPH regarding hand capture. However, I think the more interesting papers are those dealing with ground contacts and motion editing (about 1:28 into the video).

I remember reading in a couple different places about the directions the film industry is headed in and how realtime simulations are likely to play into that. The ability to edit those simulations quickly and easily becomes very important to be able to make simulated motion work for the specifics of a shot. That’s just as true for captured or procedurally generated motion. Especially as the hardware and processiong tech gets improves for motion capture.

In addition to the papers mentioned in that video, be on the look out for tools that allow artists to run simulations on top of existing motion data. For instance, adding more or less gravity to a character’s animation or retargeting motion to a character of a different weight or body type. I’ve heard of work being done in these areas in various universities.

I’m excited to see the effect these and other papers will have on the tools available to animators. I welcome any tech that gives the animator more time and ability to focus on a quality performance and less time on hacking tools just to get the work done. Pretty sure I’m not alone there.

SIGGRAPH2009: Autodesk Master Classes posted

May 25th, 2009

This year’s list of character animation related classes:

Rigging for the Masses: Automated Large-Scale Production Rigging
TJ Galda, Electronic Arts Canada

Advanced Character Rigging and Facial Animation Pipelines
Sylvain Côté, Artificial Mind & Movement

PyMEL: Harnessing the Power of Python™ in Maya
Chad Dombrova, Luma Pictures

Mocap and Character Rigging Demystified
Marc-André Guindon, NeoReel Inc

Animating with Character Studio
Hugo Morales, BioWare