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IMD and All Good Things

April 26th, 2010

ImageMovers Digital will be closing after the completion of Mars Needs Moms… it’s still really hard to type that sentence, but I’ve waited long enough. It has been one heck of a ride and I couldn’t have asked to work with better people. We did the impossible, and that makes us mighty.

Since the announcement, I’ve been busy with the reel and networking. Made a trip to SF for a job fair at IMD North and visited a couple PhaseSpace powered mocap stages while I was in town. Thanks to the Motion Capture Society, I was lucky enough to get a seat at the Performance Capture Technology panel hosted by Dreamworks on Thursday. Incredible line-up of presenters, including IMD’s very own, John Root.  I also spent the last week  standing in as a mentor over at Rigging Mentor. Created some video training for MoBu related questions. Had a blast. Love to do it again.

VERY excited about my FXPHD classes this session: Crafting The Scene, Mathematics for Visual Effects and Design, Intermediate RenderMan. Especially the math class – I hate not knowing how my tools work under the hood, so I’m pumped to be part of this.

There’s much more I want to say, though I think I’m just going to quote a fellow IMD’er and call it a night…

“The future is bright. Time for beer.” – Geordie Martinez

Animation Mentor’s Shawn Kelly on Mocaptionating

July 17th, 2008

I want to take a second to thank Shawn Kelly for sharing his POV on mocap in the CGTantra article Motion Capture Is Your Friend. Those that have worked with motion capture long enough to actually learn how to use the tool effectively seem to share the same options about the technology. You will find similar statements in in numerous threads on CGtalk, Softimage|Net and most every cg animation related forum (you’ll even find it right here in The Mocaptionator’s Handbook V1.0).

I leave you with Shawn’s closing statements:

“Animation is the act of bringing characters to life. If that’s what you do, I don’t care if you’re using Maya , Softimage, Lightwave, Animation Master, Flash or Motion Builder or your H1B Pencil or an armatured puppet! I don’t care if your reference is video reference, yourself in a mirror, or a day at the park, and I certainly don’t care if you are using your animation skills to mold a crappy motion capture performance into something memorable and truly alive! If you are using the tools at your disposal to bring characters to life, then guess what?


And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

P.S. If you notice the credits in the pictures, you’ll find fellow Phasespace user Greg Worley’s name. Greg’s WorleyWorks studio probably isn’t what you envisioned as a typical mocap vendor. You kinda’ just have to see it to understand.

VES/MCS Mocap Panel Article

July 6th, 2008

Couldn’t make it to the VES/MCS Mocap Panel? Read all about it (minus any mention of the motion capture society 🙁

Many thanks to Demain Gordon’s ‘flashlight in the face’ style moderation and all the animators’ input. Sanders, Rausch and Meehan all commented on how their shops integrate motion capture into their projects. Debevec explained the new animated tension map creation techniques his team are developing.

A big hand for Demian and the Motion Capture Society for their part in the event. Great stuff folks!

EVENT: Performance Capture Technology Used For Animation

June 18th, 2008

VES Technology Committee & Motion Capture Society


Performance Capture Technology Used For Animation
“Demystifying Motion Capture Techniques”
Performance capture technology is here to stay. More and more studios are creating Digital
Characters for their stories. This panel is designed to address advances in motion capture
technologies that are currently in use producing various types of animation. How different are all of
these systems? Our panelists will creatively enlighten us with real solutions and insights into the
companies who provide the technology and know-how to capture “human performances”.

Demian Gordon – Chair of Motion Capture Society

Eyetronics – – Nick Tesi – Markerless Face + Inertial MoCap System
Motion Analysis Studios – Dave Blackburn – Passive Optical Motion Capture System
Henson Digital Puppeteering System – Kerry Shea – Real-Time Puppeteer of 3D CG Character
Vicon – House of Moves – Robin Pengelly – Passive Optical Motion Capture System
Sony – John Meehan – Character Animation from Mocap
Giant Studios – Ryan Champney – Passive Optical Motion Capture System
ILM – Mike Sanders – Character Animation from Mocap
USC ICT – Paul Debevec – Rapid High Resolution Face Scanning
Image-Metrics – Patrick Davenport – Facial Animation Capture Direct from Video

If you’re interested, head on over to the MCS forums.