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Techlifehacks – File Renamers

May 25th, 2009

I just posted an update over at the Techlifehacks blog

File Renamers – A Quick Update

In a previous post, 1,000’s of Files to Rename – 1 Easy Solution, I recommended the file renamer – Denis Kozlov’s ReNamer.

At first glance, there’s one feature that’s missing – the ability to rename folders.

Well, it IS there. You just have to dig a little to turn the option on. In the divider, between where you drag the rules and the files, you’ll see some drop down menus. Choose Filters and check on Add folders as files. You’ll notice that you can now drag folders into the files area and have ReNamer‘s rules apply their changes on the folders, too.

BOOYA! Done.

Additionally, there is another free renaming tool you can use if ReNamer doesn’t do it for ya’ – LupasRename. It’s a favorite at work and for good reason. Give it a try!

SIGGRAPH2009: Autodesk Master Classes posted

May 25th, 2009

This year’s list of character animation related classes:

Rigging for the Masses: Automated Large-Scale Production Rigging
TJ Galda, Electronic Arts Canada

Advanced Character Rigging and Facial Animation Pipelines
Sylvain Côté, Artificial Mind & Movement

PyMEL: Harnessing the Power of Python™ in Maya
Chad Dombrova, Luma Pictures

Mocap and Character Rigging Demystified
Marc-André Guindon, NeoReel Inc

Animating with Character Studio
Hugo Morales, BioWare

Produced By Conference 2009

May 25th, 2009

I signed up for this year’s Produced By Conference. There are a couple mo-cap related talks this year – one hosted by the Motion Capture Society.

Here’s a quick description from the PGA’s site:

Presented by the Producers Guild of America and hosted by Sony Pictures Studios, the Produced By Conference brings together the entire producing profession—from acclaimed Oscar and Emmy winners, to experienced team members, to the young storytellers who represent the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

I primarily signed up for film oriented sessions that had topics relating to motion capture and VFX. I’m especially interested to see how Cameron views his experiences on Avatar.

A1 – Profile: James Cameron – Seeing The Future in 3D
B4 – The Collaborative Process of Visual Effects: From Previs To Post
C10 – Performance/Motion Capture Production Technology
A8 – Profile: Pixar Method of Producing
C6 – Made In The USA: Navigating Domestic Tax Incentives Sponsored by Entertainment Partners
D2 – Assembling A First-Rate Producing Team: How To Get Hired By The Best In The Biz
A3 – Profile: Gordon On Gordon, How To Be A Great Creative Producer Sponsored by American Airlines
A5 – Who Does What? The Role of The Creative Producer Sponsored By Plymouth Rock Studios
A7 – *World Premiere* PGA/ASC Camera Assessment Series
B9 – A New Dimension: 3D Stereoscopic Production Sponsored By Real D

Should be a great weekend with lots to talk about. I’ll toss up some notes once things calm down again.

Drop by the conference’s site for more info –

Mars Needs Moms Wraps!

May 25th, 2009

The Mars Needs Moms shoot wrapped last Monday – ahead of schedule.

This was my first feature shoot and by far the longest and most engaging. I don’t think that many cg artists realize exactly what kind of an effort it takes to capture an entire movie’s worth of performances. I want to thank the entire cast and crew for their dedication, patience and overall incredible attitude during all the moments of what were sometimes very, very long days.

The more I get to work with everyone at IMD, the more I realize exactly how special this studio really is.  They’re a very passionate group and it shows every day.