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EVENT: Performance Capture Technology Used For Animation

Posted in motion capture, phasespace on June 18th, 2008

VES Technology Committee & Motion Capture Society


Performance Capture Technology Used For Animation
“Demystifying Motion Capture Techniques”
Performance capture technology is here to stay. More and more studios are creating Digital
Characters for their stories. This panel is designed to address advances in motion capture
technologies that are currently in use producing various types of animation. How different are all of
these systems? Our panelists will creatively enlighten us with real solutions and insights into the
companies who provide the technology and know-how to capture “human performances”.

Demian Gordon – Chair of Motion Capture Society

Eyetronics – – Nick Tesi – Markerless Face + Inertial MoCap System
Motion Analysis Studios – Dave Blackburn – Passive Optical Motion Capture System
Henson Digital Puppeteering System – Kerry Shea – Real-Time Puppeteer of 3D CG Character
Vicon – House of Moves – Robin Pengelly – Passive Optical Motion Capture System
Sony – John Meehan – Character Animation from Mocap
Giant Studios – Ryan Champney – Passive Optical Motion Capture System
ILM – Mike Sanders – Character Animation from Mocap
USC ICT – Paul Debevec – Rapid High Resolution Face Scanning
Image-Metrics – Patrick Davenport – Facial Animation Capture Direct from Video

If you’re interested, head on over to the MCS forums.

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