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Animation Mentor’s Shawn Kelly on Mocaptionating

Posted in animation mentor, motion capture, phasespace on July 17th, 2008

I want to take a second to thank Shawn Kelly for sharing his POV on mocap in the CGTantra article Motion Capture Is Your Friend. Those that have worked with motion capture long enough to actually learn how to use the tool effectively seem to share the same options about the technology. You will find similar statements in in numerous threads on CGtalk, Softimage|Net and most every cg animation related forum (you’ll even find it right here in The Mocaptionator’s Handbook V1.0).

I leave you with Shawn’s closing statements:

“Animation is the act of bringing characters to life. If that’s what you do, I don’t care if you’re using Maya , Softimage, Lightwave, Animation Master, Flash or Motion Builder or your H1B Pencil or an armatured puppet! I don’t care if your reference is video reference, yourself in a mirror, or a day at the park, and I certainly don’t care if you are using your animation skills to mold a crappy motion capture performance into something memorable and truly alive! If you are using the tools at your disposal to bring characters to life, then guess what?


And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

P.S. If you notice the credits in the pictures, you’ll find fellow Phasespace user Greg Worley’s name. Greg’s WorleyWorks studio probably isn’t what you envisioned as a typical mocap vendor. You kinda’ just have to see it to understand.

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