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IMD’s George Murphy and Jenn Emberly on FX Guide

Posted in a christmas carol, fx guide, imagemovers digital, motion capture on February 8th, 2010

George and Jenn did a short interview about their work at IMD for A Christmas Carol for the folks over at FX Guide…

I’d like to single out a quote from George…

“So that was one of the things that pushed us to create this head-cam technology where we could isolate the facial performance animation separately from the body capture and allow us to break those into different types of problems that could be dissected and gotten to much faster.”

Coincidentally, I heard one of the guys at work mention that exact same point in a meeting today. It underscores what I see as an important bit of theory and I really feel that type of thinking is crucial to not only coming up with effective and elegant solutions to very large problems, but also building a foundation which allows for intelligent maintenance and upgrading.

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