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How We Lie To You

I regularly find myself either learning or in a conversation about the different tricks or techniques that media artists (and artists in general) use to tell a story/message to their viewers. For me, the most interesting are commercial and political advertisements. It’s mind boggling just how easy it is to be swayed by good advertising and the ingenious psychology that’s behind it. So instead of hoarding all the great articles, etc. that I come across, I thought I’d share them here…

Reinventing Memorial Day: Creating Inconvenience and Relevance

Real visual impact…

Consider for contrast the way Turkey still memorializes the death of its founding father, Mustafa Atatürk. For one minute at 9:05am, on November 10 of each year, the country grinds to a halt: cars stop and shut down, business transactions cease, and all conversation is suspended, for one minute, in every Turkish town. It’s terribly disruptive and incredibly powerful–an expression of unity and remembrance absent in American observances.

Ka-Boom! How Explosions Became Commonplace in Kids’ Branding